About Me

I am a future doctor.

A carer

a healer

a giver

a friend

an empathizer

I was born to Jamaican immigrants, a mom living in very poor conditions, and a father living in the middle class. Both of my parents came to America and “made something out of themselves,” my father becoming a Regional Engineer, my mother working in an Insurance Agency. Thus they raised me with the idea that I could do anything with my life, as long as I had God and a strong mindset to do so. From a child, I knew I had a calling on my life to help people. Becoming a doctor was on a list from when I was very young; however, it never solidified for me until I was a patient, a scared, helpless victim in the hospital bed, choking for air in a severe asthma attack. As the pediatrician looked me over, ensuring that I was going to be okay, I was sure that I had been called to help people in that manner, both body and soul.

I went to Sacred Heart Academy High school, where the competition level was high. Yet in all of this, I learned to set myself apart from others, by not consuming myself with the competition. I focused upon the journey. I am eager to learn, and in that way success is earned.

I have come to Sophie Davis, School of Biomedical Education, in order to be a sponge, soaking up every knowledge for my interpretation, and distribution of it to the community. I am blessed, and therefore only desire to share my blessing with others.

My autobiography is only 300 measly words, I hope to have a book’s worth of experiences and stories to tell when I become a primary care physician. However, I realize, though I have accomplished little, that my voice is important in the world. I intend to be heard.

I am a future doctor

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